Why I started my blog..


I have honestly had this post written for so long, maybe even a year ago but have never found the right time to share it. Now I want to share it with you all and I hope you enjoy reading about why I started my blog..

W H E N  ?

I started my blog on January 2017, because I had been wanting to do it for ages. During Christmas 2016 I worked hard to get my blog up and running and had already written my first blog post. I wanted to get my blog up for the start of a New Year and so it was my New Years resolution to get it running.

 W H Y  ?

I have always loved writing, even since I was younger, I was always writing in diaries and making short stories. I also took English Lit in sixth form and enjoyed that a lot. I like being able to express myself through words and probably because most of the time, I write how I talk.. if you can’t already tell. I GET TOLD THIS ALOT. I have always, had a love for photography and although I didn’t take it in school I always wanted to but thought it was a bit of a dead end subject.

M E  &  B L O G G I N G

I would love to be blogging full time as I have such a passion for it and creating a blog was one of the best things I have ever done. I OWN SOMETHING THAT IS MINE, ALL MINE, JUST MINE AND I RUN A WEBSITE!

I love working when I am passionate about something, when I am motivated to want to do well and succeed and am ambitious to make things happen. I find it really hard working just a regular job like in retail, because I am not passionate about it and I know I don’t want to be doing that as my career. DOES ANYONE ELSE FEEL THE SAME? That is why I knew that as soon as I started my blog up, that running this blog was going to be everything to me and I want to make it my full time career. I have now started up a Youtube channel and I love that so much too.

W H A T   P E O P L E   T H I N K 

When I first started my blog, I was kind of nervous because it is very different to what people in my area are used to. I don’t know any other person who is from my exact town that does what I do, or really for all.. has the same interests as me. I live in a small town in Kent, called Strood and literally no one in my town does anything like this, people just get on with their lives. I wouldn’t say, it is a very communal/supportive area at all, however, I do get a lot of support online. When I first launched my blog, there were probably a lot of people in my area were definitely like “oh god really” or “what is she doing?” or something along those lines because it isn’t considered “normal” in my town. However, I am happy that I have been the first person (I think) to really do anything like this, especially now aswell since I have started my Youtube channel. Where I live, there is ALOT OF JUDGEMENTAL PEOPLE, the sort of people who would prefer to bring you down rather than praise you, the sort of people that will try to look down on you and judge you. HOWEVER, NO WAY WAS I EVER GOING TO LET ANYONE MAKE ME FEEL AS THOUGH I COULDN’T DO THIS. 

I have had ALOT OF SUPPORT from people who I don’t know, people that I know and other bloggers in the blogging community. I don’t think people realise the amount of messages that bloggers get, I get messages from people on a daily basis which literally makes my day! but also, I get a lot of messages from people in my area, I get messages from people, that people wouldn’t expect me to get messages from. I LOVE THAT PEOPLE CAN MESSAGE ME ASKING ME FOR MY OPINIONS ON SOMETHING OR THEY FEEL LIKE THEY CAN TALK TO ME OR ANYTHING. << The best thing! I get people that I never spoke to in school, or the people I never got along with, messaging me..liking pictures or talking to me if they see me out. I take that as a compliment anyway, but what I’m trying to say is that I get all sorts of people trying to engage with me, and people would NEVER HAVE THOUGHT THAT.

A lot of people might judge you, I think this may be because they partly don’t understand what it is that I do.

 A lot of people will be angry or negative towards you because they see you doing something that you love doing, and are negative that they might not be doing something they love.

A   Y E A R   O N 

On the 31st Jan it was my blogs first birthday! how crazy?! I have had such an amazing first year of blogging and I wouldn’t change anything about it. I can’t wait to work towards my goal of blogging full time!

The blogging community is the best type of community out there. It always makes me laugh when people don’t understand what blogging is, I guess because it is still up and coming, but people don’t know what it is. It has it own little community and no one would ever know about the stuff that we get up to. I have made some AMAZING FRIENDS ONLINE, some of which I know have my back! I have never had such an overwhelming amount of support from people.


Omg yes, I have already recommended it to so many people. You just need to actually have a passion for it and be consistent, oh and confident with your work! feel free to message me and ask me some questions!

Think of it like this, right now I OWN MY OWN FRICKING WEBSITE. I RUN MY OWN BLOG! so crazy, but thank you so much for all of the support you all know who you are anyway!

Sophia xo

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30 thoughts on “Why I started my blog..

    1. At first I was very like that, but now I just own it and I’m like you know what.. no one else does this and I am going to be that person that is going to stand out. YOU WANT TO BE DIFFERENT! don’t worry about what others think or you won’t ever do the things that you love. Im glad you can see where I am coming from though! xx

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