Doing social media & blogging my way..


You know what I have realised.. it is better to do things how you want to and not because it is a ‘trend’ or you think it is what you should be doing. Staying true to yourself is what is  important, yes flat lays are stunning and having highlights on your Instagram page is cool but if it’s not you, then that’s ok.

At the moment I don’t know why but I feel this big pressure, to get big numbers on social media and to take pictures that don’t necessarily fit my style. As I scroll through my Instagram, my Twitter  and my Youtube I find myself constantly comparing my work and follower count to others. I feel like all of my social media is very much me, what you see is me and therefore I don’t wish to change it at all, but it is jus the pressures of socal media..Here are a few things I want to get off my chest:

I love a good flat lay don’t get me wrong, but not every day is flat lay day. Sometimes I want a normal / natural picture that isn’t as set up as flat lay I DON’T WANT my Instagram to be full with flat lay pictures because that isn’t my style. I blog about a lot of different topics and I feel like in a way my Instagram reflects that. I want one minute someone to be looking at a picture of mascara and then the next to be looking at popcorn, what I am trying to say is that yes ok, the photography is going to always be on point 😉 but I DONT WANT A THEME TO MY INSTAGRAM. Maybe, around certain times of year such as Christmas, New Years and even now because of Valentines day but in general I don’t want to “have” to stick to a theme because it makes it look professional or more of a blogger or whatever. My Instagram is my Instagram and I will post what I want to and when. To me, having a really polished, themed flat layer Instagram isn’t me, and I doubt it is really anyone.

“NUMBERS DON’T MEAN ANYTHING IF YOU ARE A SHIT PERSON”  is what I tweeted the other day, because I see so many people online that have a large following and they abuse that. Numbers don’t matter at all, if you love what you are doing and what you are putting out there then why should It matter? I guess it just naturally does because everyone wants to have a bigger following and it is what is concerned “better” by society at the moment. I have a great following across all of my social media and I am very grateful for that. I am just trying to focus on enjoying everything I am putting out there rather than stressing if one person unfollows me ( let’s face it, there is always going to be that one little shit that will unfollow you when you get to a new milestone )

I only want to do things that suit me, and if that makes me seem like less “blogger” because I don’t have a perfect themed Instagram and don’t have outfit pictures, here there and everywhere, then fair enough. I don’t want to follow what is expected of society. Everyone blogger is different, every blogger has their own styles and every blogger has their own journey. DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF.

What are your thoughts on this? Can you agree? ( would love to hear your thoughts xo )


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15 thoughts on “Doing social media & blogging my way..

  1. I definitely agree with the whole insta theme thing! if I like it I’m posting it, idc if it doesn’t go with a ‘theme’ I can’t have that stress in my life lol 😂 I love your attitude girl, I’d much rather see you being YOU than being a ‘perfect blogger’ or w.e 🙌🏻

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    1. Thank you! I think that a lot of people can relate to the Instagram one. EXACTLY, who needs that extra stress. yes it looks nice, but if it isn’t you then you don’t need to do it. Thank you!! yes same here! thanks girl! xxx

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  2. Yes Soph…I think you got it right on the nose. Having a theme or following a trend yes the theme looks pretty but are you being individual…no. Not meaning you babe just other SHEEPS. I love your content and the way you are on twitter and Instagram stories you are funny and unique. Don’t ever change babe xxxx

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  3. Love this! Keep doing you! I think staying true to yourself gains more respect than the number of followers you have. I guess the ‘unthemed’ is your ‘theme’ 😁
    I will deffo be following this mantra anyway.
    Aimsy xoxo

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    1. Thank you! Yes I 100% agree and I think that people can see through it, and know that it isn’t the real you. True haha! I mean it isn’t completely unthemed, I just don’t want the pressure of there being a theme. more people need to I think! xxx


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