The White Cliffs of Dover

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Yesterday we went for a spontaneous drive to the White Cliffs of Dover. I have seen the White Cliffs before but I haven’t seen them in ages, I forgot how beautiful they are.

We were only there for a short amount of time as we got there in the evening and literally just wanted to have a little drive down and see the Cliffs. The weather was actually really lovely as it had been really hot during the day, so during the evening it wasn’t too chilly but just right! The White Cliffs were really stunning! you don’t really realise how stunning they are until you see them in person. They were absolutely massive but also were really lovely to photograph. On top of the cliffs there are a couple of houses, I bet the view from their houses is stunning! It was really lovely to just take a couple of minutes out of my day and just enjoy my surroundings. I find it really refreshing, relaxing and calming to just look out towards the water and just enjoy it. There is actually a lot of things to do there so if you are interested I will leave a list below-

  • Walk on the White Cliffs
  • Visiting the Fan Bay Deep Shelter ( a shelter from the Second World War )
  • Visit the lighthouse
  • Have a coffee or a bite to eat at the cafe ( all of the money that you spend goes towards the National Trust )
  • Surf on the waves
  • Walk along the Beach
  • Go exploring up through the Cliffs










Have you ever been to the White Cliffs of Dover? what did you think of them? if you haven’t been, this is the sort of thing that you would love to see?

Sophia xo

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49 thoughts on “The White Cliffs of Dover

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  2. The white cliffs look absolutely stunning in your photos! I’ve not been to Dover in years, I honestly didn’t release that you could do anything whilst at the cliffs either x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

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