REVIEW: Lush is so LUSH


IT WAS THE SMELL!!! THE SMELL DREW ME IN!!! I didn’t even plan to get anything from Lush, but the smell was too good and therefore it was essential that I brought something. Lush sell really good bath and body products that are all fresh and handmade cosmetics. I have been going to Lush for as long as I can remember, and they have never failed me. I love going and trying new products. What I love about Lush aswell is that they bring products out for certain times of the year, so for Christmas they bring out a whole Christmas range, for Halloween they bring out a Halloween range. Even for Mothers day and Fathers day they bring out products that you could buy for gifts for your mum and dad.

SOOOOO, I got the Oatifix Face Mask, Creamy Candy Bubble Bar and I got a sample of Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser.



Creamy Candy Bubble Bar- £2.95

This bubble bar was the first Lush product that I ever got so when i smell it, it brings back so many memories. I wanted to repurchase it as I havent had it in so long and I always know that this is guaranteed to make my bath bubble and turn pink ( enough to make anyone happy ) This is one of my favourite scents out of all of the scents in Lush. It reminds me a bit of Snow Fairy, but it has the scent of candy floss and every time i smell it i just want to eat it. It contains cocoa butter and almond oil to really moisturise your skin while you lay in the bubbly bath. This would be perfect in the winter, especially if you suffer with dry skin. It creates amazing bubbles and turns your bath pink!! I honestly think that if i was a bubble bar, I would be this one. I love the pink colour of it and i think the flower on top of the bubble bar is really cute. It is really really affordable and it would make the perfect gift for someone.

Oatifix Fresh Face mask – £7.25



I was on the hunt for a new face mask and decided that the Oatifix face mask would be perfect for me, as it is meant to be amazing for dry skin. I have previously tried their Rosy cheeks face mask and it combats redness ( if you also have a naturally red face, can we agree that it is SO ANNOYING?! ) After I even smelt the face mask I knew it was also going to be one of my favourite products from Lush. After using it a couple of times, i can confirm it is up there with the top 3 products. IT IS AMAZING!! i can’t even describe to you guys how amazing this product is, if you have tried it before let me know in the comments below what you thought of it. I wish I had discovered this face mask earlier as it would have saved me so much moisturiser. When you first use it, make sure you leave it in the fridge as this keeps it fresh. I use it mostly in the evenings when i notice that my face is looking really dry, or if i feel like it is feeling really dry and that it needs a good moisturising. You only have to leave it on for 10 minutes, which I LOVE as i sometimes get irritated having to wait around for 40 minutes to let it dry. It has such a sweet scent which smells exactly like porridge and i love porridge. It contains bananas, illipe butter, oatmeal, ground almonds, and kaolin. The texture is also very similar to porridge, it literally feels and looks as if you have just plastered porridge on your face. If I had to recommend at least one thing for dry skin it would be this, as it is honestly great. After you wipe the face mask off and wash your face, your face is sooo smooth. When you buy it, I think they tell you that you can get around 8 masks out of it but I have definitely had around 8 masks and im not even half way. It has lasted such a long time.


Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser- (I only got a sample, but £7.25 per 100g or £18.10 per 250g)

I didn’t actually know that Lush sold cleansers, so I wanted to get a sample just in case it wasnt good for my skin. The lovely girl in the shop told me to use this after I have used my face mask, I think the two may go together. They both smell very similar but this one smells slightly like buttery popcorn. It contains maize flour, polenta and cinnamon. I have never tried a cleanser like this before, i have only tried a liquid one. This one was really fun to use as it had the same texture as the face mask but when you rubbed it onto your skin, it turned into an exfoliator with tiny sand granules. It feels really nice when working this into the skin, it is moisturising it but also exfoliating it. When you are washing off the product, you would expect the product to wash off your skin right? but this one is really different, when you wash the product off it almost melts into your skin and so it is worked into the skin. This was really interesting to me as I have never used anything like this before. After having used it a couple of times I did notice that my face became really hot, I don’t know whether this is because i have sensitive skin or what. Anyway, I really like this cleanser and more importantly i found it really fun to use and it made me want to use it even more.


Have you tried any of these products? what are your thoughts?? or what is your favourite Lush products??

Sophia xo

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52 thoughts on “REVIEW: Lush is so LUSH

    1. NO WAY!! THAT IS CRAZY! how have you not tried any products? have you ever been in the shops? that makes me so happy, please send me a picture of what you end up getting girl!! xx


      1. I really have no idea! I think I’ve stepped foot in my local shop once! Madness! I still haven’t decided what I am going to buy, I don’t really like anything too fruity so need to go in and have a sniff! Xx

        Liked by 1 person

    1. It is one of my favourite shops! do you think you will try their products? I didn’t realise that a lot of people haven’t tried Lush before! Having a pink bath would make anyone happy! xx


    1. I think Lush is one of those shops that whenever you go there you always stock up on products! That is the same with me too, I have a little white basket in my room. The face masks are really underrated it think! xx


  1. I really want to try some of the face masks that Lush has, but unfortunately we have no Lush here where I live. Whenever I want bath bombs, I buy from their site online, but they don’t sell their masks online since they have to be kept cold.

    By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog.


    1. oh no that sucks?!! Is there no where near you at all? I literally just typed out you could get them online but had to delete it as you had already said that! HAHA! thats a bit poo, I didn’t realise they didn’t sell face masks online. Thank you, going to check it out now!


  2. Whenever I walk past Lush, the smell always makes me desperate to go in, even if I’m in a rush or on the way to work.. 😂 I’ve actually never tried their bubble bars though, they sound amazing! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I still have not purchased from Lush! I know their products are amazing, but it’s still hard for me to spend money on that stuff. Maybe I just need to treat myself haha!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It was just never something I wanted to spend my money on, but I need a good hair mask from their!


    1. Oh well I am glad you are loving that! I think the face masks and cleaners and all of those bits are forgotten about abit. hahaha, I know what you mean! sometimes I fee like I need to do this too. Omg same, I have a white basket in my room full of Lush products! xx


    1. I know!! the smell is a nightmare at times hahaha! thank you so much. Snow fairy body wash is my fave and so is the lip scrub! I haven’t tried the misrule bath bomb though! thanks for telling me about that one. Thank you xx


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