REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Contour Palette


Makeup Revolution are my one of my favourite high street brands. Every time I am having a little  shopping spree, I can guarantee you that I will buy something from Revolution. They are such an affordable brand, that create products for everyone, but also create products that everyone is going to like. I have multiple eyeshadow, contour and cheek palettes, which I use on a day to day basis. I have their Matte lipsticks, eyeshadow primer and highlighters and am so satisfied with these products. I normally head to Superdrug to purchase my Revolution products and it is always a successful shop. I am always recommending products to my friends and family and am always sharing it on my social media. If you don’t have any Revolution products ( I am sure you do ) you need to go and check out their products because they are amazing!

Revolution Pro HD Powder Contour- £8.00

My other contour palette from Revolution hit the pan and therefore I needed a new one, so I was so happy when I saw this Pro HD Powder Contour palette. I LOVE THE SIZE OF THE POWDERS!! this palette is going to last so long as there is so much product in one pan. There is a mixture of all of the essential colours in this contour set, you have a big variety of browns, the light yellowy colour the highlighter shade. – Which can I just add IS BEAUTIFUL! They have a varity of shades is good as it will suit a lot of skin tones, a verity is always good 🙂

The packaging is like their normal style of packaging, black with rose gold writing. Everyone loves abit of rose gold don’t we? There is a little window so you can see the colours through it, you want to know how dark the shades are and what it looks like etc… the palette itself isn’t too thick and isnt too slim, it is just the perfect size. The lid of the palette is translucent and therefore, you can also see the shades, which is good. This palette is going to be such a life saver when you are travelling as you have everything you need in one set.


I got this palette in the shade fair, as not only am I a fair kinda gal, but I like being able to build up my contour if I need to. I prefer this compared to putting it all on and having to try to blend it all out if it is too dark. All of the colours blend out really nicely and like I said, it is buildable if i need to build it up. Even though I have the shade fair, the colour pay off is amazing. They are really pigmented and arent chalky at all ( Makeup Revoluton are really well known for being really affordable and very pigmented, especailly their eyeshadows- they are the bomb! ) It sits really nicely on the skin and I noticed that it also lasts a good amount of time throughout the day. The highlighter is a really nice sheer colour and it creates such a lovely natural glow and if I need to build it up, I can do so and create a more dazzling highlighter. It doesn’t extenuate my pores but creates a really shimmery look along my cheekbones.

Going up the arm, first 4 are the top row and the last 4 are the bottom row.

I have been loving using the highlighter on my cheeks, my nose, my cupids bow and my chin. It is a really lovely highlighter, especially when the weather is nice like in the UK at the moment ( not today as it has rained, typical. ) as it is really natural and makes you look really glowing. I have been using the bottom brown colour just below the highlighter to contour my cheeks and the rest of my face. If I wanted to build it up abit more, I would use the colour next to it on the right and wouldnt blend it as much down my face. I find the yellowy shade on end of the bottom row, really good for setting your concealer under your eyes. Also I like to use it just under my contour on my cheeks, on the bottom side of my face as it makes the contour stand out abit more. All of these colours have done me proud 🙂

The good thing about having a varity of different browns and beiges in here is that they are all going to do the same job, I just might need to blend more or blend less when using them. This palette could also be very useful for filling in your brows, I am sure that there is a colour in here that is going to be your brow colour – BONUSSSSS!


I use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to actually apply my contour because it is a flat brush so I find it works better. Then I use the Blush Brush ( my fave brush in the whole entire world ) to go over my contour with the beige colours, as a bronzer if you like. Then use the fan brush for my highlighter.

I would highly recommend checking out Makeup Revolution if you haven’t already as they are such an amazing affordable brand! This product is one of my favourite products that I have from Revolution. The price for this product, is really good for the amount of contour powder you are getting inside the palette. This is going to last me such a while and I think it is so good for £8! You can’t really go wrong with paying this for this palette. The verity of colour is also great and I love how you can get a light – medium and dark palette- it suits everyone and therefore everyone is happy!

Do you own any Makeup Revolution Palettes, if so what ones? Do you like Makeup Revolution?


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57 thoughts on “REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Contour Palette

  1. Really nice read – now i’m wondering if i’m the only person who hasn’t tried Revolution makeup haha!! I need to go have a browse in my local Superdrug. Are the darker colours matte or do they all have shimmer in? In the swatch picture they all seem to have shimmer – or it could be the lighting?

    hayley //

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    1. It always makes me sad when I hit pan, and its such a cheaper alternative to other brands. If you loved it definitely get another one, or even try a new one. Thank you!! xx


  2. Loved this post! I’ve been eyeing up something like this for a while now but all the shades look way too dark but this looks like it’d be perfect for my skin tone as they are more cool-toned colours! Definitely going to have to check this out! Xx

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  3. I use a lot of their products and love them all! I use the concealer palette and contouring palette for my contouring! I’m a training MUA and I’ve just passed my makeup Diploma, you should check out my posts on my latest stuff I’ve done tutorials recently and you might like to have a look!
    I would really appreciate it would mean 🌎
    Lots of love Cheyanne from

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      1. if you look at the picture, I use the bottom brown shade in the middle! I know what you mean, I think Revolution is really good for that. Even if you don’t like the products you can just give them away to someone or not use them, they are really affordable so you can do that if you get me lol xx

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