Do YOU know the dangers of driving in the sun??!


If I asked you right now what are the dangers and hazards when driving in the sun, do you think you would be able to tell me? .. take a few seconds out from reading this post and try and count how many dangers you could think of.

How many could you think of?

Now pretend that you are going on a long road trip and the sun is going to be scorching, do you know how to prevent hazards from happening to your vehicle and car tyres?

Let me know in the comments, IF YOU ACTUALLY KNOW how to prevent hazards from happening??? NO CHEATING, JUST BE HONEST 🙂

I feel like this is a good time to upload this post, especially because the weather in England has been CRAZY HOT! If you are a new driver, or you are looking to take a long road trip, or even if you just don’t know the hazards and want to become more aware, then this post IS FOR YOU! I hope this post raises awareness of the hazards from driving in the sun and how this can be prevented. I think it is SUCH AN IMPORTANT SUBJECT that we don’t really think alot about, however when it comes to driving in the rain everyone seems to know a lot more about that. It is so incredibly important to check your car on a daily and even though I am still learning to drive, my instructor always wanted to make me understand how you should always be careful when the weather changes while driving. My brother has just started driving aswell, so I know that this post will be good for the people who may also be knew to driving, or even if you just want to know abit more. If you have been on the road for a while now and you don’t know the dangers and how to prevent them, this I hope this post will help you. I think this post will be really effective at the moment, especially because in England the weather has been soooo hot. I just want to lastly say, even if this post helps atleast one of you then I will be very happy, but also the last thing any one would want is for someone to experiences these dangers and not know what to do, or even have an accident. I want you all to be safe.

While on my way to town this morning I asked a couple of passersby if they knew the dangers of driving in the sun, and how to avoid this. ( they knew I was quoting them for this blog post ) and they said:

Hannah, 25 ” I have absolutely no clue. I know the sun does something to your tyres but I am not completely sure. ”

Rob, 44 ” The sun makes the roads hotter and it makes it a harder environment to drive in. It also makes your tyres expand and they could pop from the heat. ”

Although the people I asked had some sort of idea, they weren’t 100% sure.

A lot of people know about the dangers and hazards when driving in the rain, but when it comes to driving in the sun a lot of people dont know. Driving in the blazing sun is just as important and there are a lot of dangers that you need to prevent from happening.



  • Tyre Punctures, leaks, and sun exposure. 

Your tyres might get punctured from driving on the road because of the friction on the road, the heat on the road and the sun on the tyres. The hot weather causes your car tyres to expand, therefore you need to be checking your car tyre pressure on a regular basis as you don’t want them to explode. Car tyres are black and therefore they draw a lot of sun attention.



  • Engine overheating

Overheating is when the temperature in the engine gets really hot, even too hot to touch. Normally a damage with occur because it is very hot. Steam may come from the engine area.


  • Battery dying 

Once the battery dies, the car won’t move. The power won’t start or do anything else. If it is older than 3 years ( providing it doesn’t supply the power that it once did ) you may need a new battery. Once a battery is damaged by the heat, it can’t be restored.  The battery contains liquid and the heat causes this liquid to evaporate.




  • Checking your tyre pressure regularly
  • Checking your tyres and even spare tyres for holes.
  • Fill your tyres up with nitrogen rather than air, as it is less likely to leak out of the tyres. Also the rubber won’t be as affected by the temperature.



  • Have your calling system flushed by a mechanic, this will drain away any old coolant and clean it with the new coolant.
  • Repair any coolant leaks
  • Get your oil changed regularly
  • Add engine coolant
  • Monitor the temperature gauge on your dashboard, when the needles goes into the red or the warning light comes on, pull over and turn off your vehicle to prevent damage.
  • Open the windows instead of having the air conditioner on.



  • Always check your car before leaving it. Check the all interior and exterior lights are off, radio is off and so is air conditioning.
  • Change the battery if it needs to be changed, or it might die on you before you get it changed.


If you are currently experiencing any of these problems now or want to check to make sure your car is fit to be on the road then check out Fife Autocentre as it lets you book MOT in Dunfermline online. Rather be safe then sorry.  If you need new tyres or brakes then Fife Autocentre has you sorted! –

Once again, I hope this post helped at least one person out.

* This blog post is a sponsored post by Fife Autocentre.



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29 thoughts on “Do YOU know the dangers of driving in the sun??!

  1. I’ve never in my life thought about hazards of driving in the sun. My biggest complaints are that the sun gets in my eyes and it’s hard to see. These are all completely valid points. Very informative and good to know!

    Breanna Catharina

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I pride myself on being a car buff, but I missed the one about batteries! I knew that the cold could kill an older battery, but not that heat could as well. Guess this explains why my car wouldn’t start and needed a new battery after a summer away. I thought it was just because I’d left it for three months without driving it at all!!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t drive, but one thing I ALWAYS do when me and the kids are travelling with someone is to make sure we’re all wearing sunscreen. You can actually catch the sun through windows, making long road trips the perfect place to be at danger of this. I’d hate for it to happen to us!

    Louise x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s good! I have too, I recently caught it on my shoulder on the weekend from being in the car! Sunglasses are always a good thing! Always need to keep safe! Thanks for your comment! Xx


  4. This post was super informative! And great timing, considering it’s officially summer and people really need this information now. Another danger of driving in the sun: sunburn! I cannot tell you how many long distance trips I’ve taken where I’ve gotten burned by the end of my trip! No one ever tells you that you still need to wear sunscreen even when you’re in the car. Overall, great post ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think someone else commented this lol , definitely! sunburn gets you worse in the car I swear! I know right, they always say to wear sun cream when you are outside but never tell you to wear it while you are driving lol. Thank you ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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