REVIEW- Real Techniques Eye Brush Set


I LOVE REAL TECHNIQUES!!! I think their brushes are incredibly good! they are really affordable and you can get them in most high street shop such as Superdrug or Boots. They also sell other brush related items such as makeup brush cleansers or a makeup brush cleaner palette. They sell loads of different sets for different parts of the face, so if you find that this set isnt for you then definitely check out their other sets of brushes! When I purchased my first set of brushes I didn’t know who Sam and Nic were ( wrong of me I know ) then I started watching their Youtube Channel and I absolutely love them. If you don’t already watch them, I would recommend it as they give a lot of beauty tips and also they are just enjoyable to watch.

So this Enhanced Eye set retails for £22.99 and it comes with 5 brushes. It also comes with a cup for you to display your brushes in if you want to. I know I am going to get such good uses out of these brushes and they are actually similar to the ones i use now. In this set there is the Medium Shadow Brush, Essential Crease Brush, Fine Liner Brush, Shading Brush and the Lash Separator. On the back of every brush set it tells you what they are for and also has a link to their youtube channel where they show you how to use them.



Left to right- Essential Crease Brush, Medium Shadow Brush, Fine Liner Brush, Shading Brush and the Lash Separator.


( obviously you don’t have to use the brushes for what they are for, I personally never do. I just find a brush that works best for me )

Essential Crease Brush- this brush is my favourite out of all of the brushes in this set because when you use it for adding in a crease colour, it is small enough to get it right in the crease of the socket. It is also really good for blending out, as it isn’t a massive brush.

Medium Shadow Brush- This brush is slightly tapered at the end so it is perfect for precision. This brush is good for concealing, especially under the eyes as you can get right under there. It is the widest brush in this set so I tend to use it for applying the base, as it gets the job done quickly and perfectly. 

Fine Liner Brush- If you love eyeliner then this is the brush for you. I don’t use eyeliner a lot because it changes the shape of my eyes. This brush is good if you need to dramatise your eye look and create precise looks such as winged eye linger. I tend to use it if I need a dramatic colour to go under my eye instead of it being really blended out.

Shading Brush- This brush is a flat brush, so it is good for patting on any glitter but also for blending the colours mostly under the eye. I have found that since using this brush for glitter shadows or shimmer shades, it stays on alot long if I use this brush. I also use this to put highlighter in the corners of my eyes and also under my eyebrows. 

Lash Separator- The lash separator is good to separate clumps that you might get when applying your mascara. NO ONE wants clumpy lashes now. This brush will let your lashes look full with mascara and also really nicely separated.



The brushes are really soft and really easy to wash. Which I find important as some brushes are really hard to wash the product out of it. From this picture you can see how soft the brushes are, which is good as your eyeshadow will look more smooth and blend out well. I have been using Real Techniques brushes for as long as I can remember, they are such good brushes for what they are worth. If you havent tried Real Techniques then I would 100% recommend that you do. Also if you are looking to get this set, I dont think you will be disapointed as I have been using these brushes every day since I got them.

Do you own any Real Techniques brushes?? What do you think of them? If not I would love to know what brushes you use to apply your makeup

Sophia xo


37 thoughts on “REVIEW- Real Techniques Eye Brush Set

    1. With the eyeshadow, just make sure there isn’t too much product on the brush. Give it a little tap on the side of your palette or blow a bit off. 🙂 thanks for commenting x


  1. OMG these brushes are amazing!! I have the same set & I love them. I also got the Real Techniques Miracle Coverage Sponge and it is my favorite makeup applicator. you should give it a try! I’m sure you’ll love it too.

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  2. I never heard of this brand of brushes before. It’s great that they are easy to clean. I’ll definitely keep my eye out for them on my next cosmetics run!
    Elizabeth |

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  3. I love Real Techniques brushes, they’re definitely one of my favourite brush brands. Especially their finishing brush. They just do what they’re supposed to and look pretty nice on my dresser. 🙂

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  4. I’ve been using Real Techniques for years, and was so thrilled when I met Sam & Nic! Their eye brushes have been my favourites since Day 1, and I still use them to this day!

    – Chloe

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