My holiday to Portugal


On the 11th May, I went on a plane for the first time!!!! I went away for a 4 day weekend with my family for a hen do. We went to Portugal and it was stunning and we stayed in this beautiful villa. At first I was nervous to get on the plane, but when I got on there, I was fine. The plane journey was only 2 hrs and 30 mintues, so it wasnt that long at all. By the time we sat down and the food and drink trolley came down, we only had about an hour and a half left. I am missing it so much and just want to be back there, even though we have had surprisingly good weather in England. As we were only there for 4 days we didn’t get to look around everywhere we were staying, but we visited the main area which was the beach.


I am hoping there is a Broadchurch fan reading this, please tell me that you think these cliffs look like the ones from Broadchurch!! I was saying it all holiday!


Is there anyone else that hasn’t been on a plane yet??




12 thoughts on “My holiday to Portugal

  1. Yep, Broadchurch with sun and parasols, no murderers tho (thankfully). I hate flying, haven’t flown for years n years. Stick with being cool about flying, it can open opportunities that I have chosen to shut down. 🤔

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