Easter is a time where it is acceptable to eat chocolate all day. We are allowed to eat as much chocolate as we like until our hearts are content, possibly a bit too much.

I decided to make some easter nests, they are soooo quick and soooo easy to make. If you have the ingredients why not make some today? they are great, especially if you have family and friends coming over.  All you literally need is chocolate and either corn flakes or shredded wheat. The decorations are then up to you!

Just to warn you, I got carried away taking pictures as they were just sooo cute!



Ingredients that you will need: (makes 12)

220g chocolate (I used dairy milk, but you can use whatever chocolate you want)

120g corn flakes or shredded wheat (I personally prefer shredded wheat)


Glass mixing bowl


A spoon

A spatula

Decorations for your nest cakes


Step one: put water in a saucepan and put it on the hob on a low heat. Place the glass mixing bowl on top of the saucepan. (make sure that the water in the pan doesn’t touch the bowl, and also don’t turn up the heat as you will burn the chocolate instead of melting it)

Step two: break the chocolate up and place it in the mixing bowl. Then taking your spatula mix the chocolate. You need to continuously mix the chocolate as you don’t want it to burn or stick to the pan. Keep mixing until all of the lumps have gone.

Step three: when all the chocolate has melted, remove bowl from pan and turn the hob off. You no longer need the saucepan. Gradually pour the corn flakes or shredded wheat into the chocolate and mix together until the chocolate has completely covered the contents inside.

Step four: set out your cupcake cases and using your spoon you are going to scoop out the chocolate corn flakes from the bowl into the cupcake cases. (I find that it is easy to scoop the corn flakes off of the spoon with your fingers, so make sure your hands are clean before you start. Or you can use another spoon)

Step five: once you have filled all cupcake cases you can then begin to decorate however you want. Finally, put them in the fridge so they become hard. You can leave them in the fridge depending on how hard you want them.







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